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Identifying, treating and removing Invasive Native & Non-Native Species (INNS) and Aquatic Weeds. We are experts in Amenity Weed Management, and licensed to excavate and dispose of Asbestos contaminated soils.


We specialise in effective management and removal of invasive plants such as Bamboo, Giant hogweed, Horsetail, Himalayan balsam and Floating pennywort. We are a registered, approved PCA contractor offering bespoke treatment and removal management plans that comply with all industry standards including being BASIS registered and members of the Amenity Forum. Environmentally conscious solutions that are perfect for homeowners, commercial businesses and Local Authorities.

BANNER IMAGE: Bamboo (Phyllostachys species)

identifying Invasive plants 

Invasive plant identification use our free online identification service to send us pictures of suspected target weeds, or if you’re sure you have a problem book a professional site survey which will confirm evidence of an infestation (or not) on your property or land. Our surveyors will identify and record all locations of any invasive species found so we can recommend the right control method(s) and provide a detailed quote.


Treating Invasive weeds

Invasive weed treatments use an integrated weed management (IWM) approach which means we often use a variety of carefully considered treatment methods that best suit the nature of the invasive species, the type of spread, your property or site’s requirements and the environment. This may include herbicide, mechanical excavation, hand methods and biological methods. This is IWM at its best!


removing contamination

We are fully licensed to carry out removal of weed vegetation waste and soils contaminated with noxious weed material such as Japanese knotweed, Horsetail or Giant hogweed, as well as Asbestos contaminated soils. To make good land we have excavated and to protect biodiversity our environmental experts can include ideas for land rejuvenation such as tree planting, or wildflower verges.


Invasive weeds services

Identification, survey, treatments, removal, advice and training.

what are invasive plants?

We treat and remove plants that are known to be invasive and, if left uncontrolled, problematic for homeowners, commercial businesses, and organisations. These are species that spread wildly, encroaching onto other properties. Currently the most common invasive species include Bamboo, Buddleia and Giant hogweed. 

Our Amenity Weed Management services help Local Authorities to control or eradicate amenity weeds such as Ragwort, Rosebay willowherb and Himalayan balsam. These are weeds that commonly grow on public open spaces, footpaths, highways and urban areas.

We do not treat or remove common residential garden weeds.

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Public safety is paramount when we’re working on projects in public or open spaces, as we may use chemicals or machinery that are bound by H&S legislation. Protecting the environment is equally important as we carefully manage what we do on site to ensure biosecurity measures are in place to maintain ecosystem balance.

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Why choose us

  • Our integrated weed management approach is better for the environment and your budget
  • Our national reach means we have operatives across England, Scotland & Wales
  • We are a safety-first company, fully compliant with industry standards and regulations
  • Get advice about invasive weed management from industry experts

quality standards

  • We hold ConstructionlineGold accreditation
  • We are Safe Contractor approved
  • We are BASIS approved – a recognised, qualified and accredited contractor in amenity pesticide application, through the BASIS Amenity Assured Scheme.
  • We meet the Amenity Standard – which means we meet legal requirements, our operational methods are safe and approved, and our staff are fully trained and certificated.
  • We are members of the Property Care Association (PCA) who audit us for quality of service.

Customer Care

  • Your peace of mind in every aspect of customer service matters to us.
  • Our Customer Charter is our service delivery promise to you.
  • Our Code of Practice ensures we work safely at all times.
  • Customers trust us, as evidenced by our 1,000+ 5* independent reviews