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Helping you resolve invasive weed or contaminated ground issues is our main goal, but your experience as a client is vitally important too. Below we outline our commitment to you. find out why we use chemical herbicides and how we keep the public safe at all times. You can also get in touch to provide us with useful feedback, or make a complaint.



Great customer service means following best practices like showing respect, valuing customers’ time, having a pleasant attitude, and working ethically to ensure peace of mind at all times.

We’re proud to deliver excellent service to every one of our customers, it drives everything we do. We keep our promises and do what we say we will. The consistency in our customer service is made possible by our great people and underpinned by innovative IT technologies, enabling us to extend and enhance how we operate as a business. What makes us stand out is our range of services, collective expertise, robust processes and systems and our commitment to serve clients and customers better, faster and more efficiently.


Responding to customer enquiries as quickly and effectively as possible forms the bedrock of our service delivery. We have the right people and the best systems in place to ensure that every customer interaction not only matches, but exceeds their expectations. Never sitting on our laurels, we don’t take customers for granted, we will always listen to advice or feedback to make the customer experience even better.

Our CRM system was chosen for it’s ease of use and project management functions – both of which make for a seamless customer journey, from the first contact through to project set up, processing and invoicing.

Our internally developed IT project management systems includes automated site visit software which enables details about customer and client visits to be sent on completion. It also provides an excavation diary and work scheduling tools. Other systems include our H&S Environment site inspection and checking tools and our state of the art accident and continuous improvement software. All of which keep our teams in touch and our customers and clients fully informed.


If we promise something, we deliver! We don’t let our customers down. Keeping to our word is about giving respect and earning trust. When we book a survey, we’ll be there. When we state we’ll respect your property at all times, we do. We will never over-promise or break a promise. There is no such thing as perfection – so if we get something wrong, we will always hold our hands up, and do our very best to gain swift resolution. We also take customer feedback or complaints very seriously. At the bottom of this page you can contact us to provide feedback or submit a complaint.


Attitude is everything, and a positive attitude goes a long way in providing excellent customer service. As not all customer interactions are face-to-face, we know that our attitude at all times, whether in person, on the phone or digitally is reflected in our language and tone of voice. We will always be positive and friendly and we will always make time to listen, because we know that makes a difference to someone’s day.

Customer communications need to be valued – we know getting it right forms longer lasting relationships that are built on trust, and that all starts with the first word. We never forget that we’re speaking to a person, not a company, because people want to interact with a person. We know our customers, we don’t use scripts because that personal touch is an important way to show customers we’re listening, we understand and we care.

our whole company vision and values

why take notice of a company’s vision and values?

Our vision encompasses what we want to achieve in order to help you. Our company values define how we do business, how we treat our clients, customers, colleagues, suppliers and contractors. In essence it is how we work day-to-day. Values are carefully chosen, they are not just words, they underpin every decision made, every action taken. Both define who we are as people and as a reliable contractor.

our vision

“We work to provide the very best specialist services that meet our clients’ and customers’ needs, through affordable environmental control solutions that focus on health and safety, adhere to industry standards, and deliver on quality. Our workplace is mindful of staff wellbeing, allows for personal growth through training, and encourages shared knowledge, all of which enables the company to continuously improve on delivery, standards, and excellence.”

Our values

ENTHUSIASM: We hire people with drive and ambition, committed to delivering outstanding customer service, and most importantly, people who care!

INTEGRITY: We work in accordance with all industry guidelines, policies and H&S procedures, and with the highest ethical standards in everything that we do.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We are responsible for our actions and decisions, doing what we say we’re going to do, self-managing, competent, reliable, and conscientious.

AGILITY: Our forward-thinking approach provides new solutions for an affordable and sustainable path to environmental control.

Client & Customer Charter: SIR

This is our commitment to you. It reflects the high standards, behaviour and levels of customer service you can expect in all of your dealings with us.


A whole company commitment to maintaining high levels of health and safety and best practice through our internal management systems and robust training.


Employing leading industry experts and investing in IT technologies means we can achieve more. We constantly strive for a sustainable path to environmental control with our Integrated Weed Management (IWM) approach.


We listen. We will always respond to your enquiries. Your requirements always come first, our services will always be delivered with the highest level of customer care and attention to detail.

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