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Giant Hogweed Control

Giant hogweed is a tough and invasive species that has high levels of toxicity. It is extremely harmful to humans and wildlife and can cause skin blistering as its toxins react with sunlight. Environment Controls can treat or remove Giant hogweed Infestations.


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Giant hogweed can present a real problem to landowners. Due to its tenacity, hogweed is able to grow in fairly inhospitable environments such as roads, railways, derelict land and rubbish tips. From an environmental perspective, hogweed creates a dense canopy that can out-compete native species, cause stream bank erosion and generally harm biodiversity. But it can pose a risk to humans and wildlife, too. It’s extremely toxic and can cause skin blistering if people come into contact with it.

If you’ve got Giant hogweed on your land, Environment Controls can help! We offer a range of services to identify, eradicate and remove Giant hogweed infestations on your property including:

  • Herbicide treatment
  • Complete excavation
  • Mechanical control measures

Environment Controls is a trading name of Japanese Knotweed Ltd. We have been building relationships with customers since 2010 and have over 1,000 independent five star reviews on TrustPilot. Our H&S trained and accredited team members will resolve your Giant hogweed infestation.

The benefits of a survey

Getting the help you need starts with a survey. Book your survey today and our highly qualified and experienced surveyors will be able to provide you with a comprehensive report of the extent of the infestation and offer clear no-obligation advice on the best options available to resolve the issue.

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Giant Hogweed Removal Services

Environment Controls can control Giant hogweed growth in a number of ways, but the two primary options are:

Herbicide control

We have a range of treatment options and techniques that are designed to control and kill the hogweed growth and permeate deep into the roots. The method of application varies depending on the species and level of growth, but we can conduct a survey and advise you on the best course of action and provide you with a treatment plan.


Excavation results in the eradication of the immediate infestation and this is achieved by careful excavation of the above and below ground elements of the plant. We provide a survey and comprehensive report before hand to ensure precise and targeted excavation of the affected ground. And finally, all plant waste material and contaminated soils will be safely removed.


Why is Giant Hogweed a concern?

Giant hogweed is a member of the Parsley family. It is a tall biennial or perennial herbaceous plant with white flowers, that look like very large cow parsley heads – and it is very toxic.

It grows on river margins, roads, railways, derelict land and rubbish tips. The plants’ dense canopy can out-compete native species and cause stream bank erosion when it dies back leaving riverbanks exposed to the elements.

Giant hogweed is extremely harmful to humans and wildlife, contact causes recurring painful skin blistering. Find out more about this toxic plant:

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