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Invasive plant Removal

If you have a problem with invasive plants Environment Controls provides a range of solutions for residential homeowners or commercial businesses. Take a look at our professional survey, treatment and removal services.


Invasive plants Solutions

Whether you’re a homeowner or land owner or you manage residential or commercial property, discovering an infestation of invasive weeds will be a major concern for you, especially if it’s one of the nastier species such as Ragwort or Horsetail which are harmful to humans and livestock. Other noxious weeds such as Giant hogweed and Hemlock are extremely toxic causing painful blisters if touched and have been known to be fatal if ingested. Invasive plant infestations can also devalue property or land.

Get rid of invasive plants 

Get the help you need to remove invasive plants such as Running Bamboo Himalayan balsam, Buddleia or Rhododendron. We also treat and remove aquatic weeds that cause problems on rivers and other water ways such as Azolla, American skunk cabbage, Floating pennywort and Nuttall’s waterweed.

sustainable weed management

Our qualified teams of surveyors and field operatives, together with our in-house specialist advisory services will provide the ideal solution to your invasive plant problems. We think laterally and economically, with an Integrated Weed Management (IWM) approach that limits the use of chemical treatments where necessary and always liaising with Environment Agency officials when required.

We offer several methods of control for invasive plants, depending on the species we may use one or more of the following:

  • Herbicide treatment
  • Manual methods
  • Biological methods
  • Excavation and removal

The benefits of a survey

Getting the help you need starts with a survey. Book your survey today and our highly qualified and experienced surveyors will be able to provide you with a comprehensive report of the extent of the infestation and offer clear no-obligation advice on the best options available to resolve the issue.

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Helping homeowners

get rid of invasive plants

There are many invasive plant species that can cause a problem in the garden, some may have taken over the land, suffocating other plants. Due to the invasive nature of the plant they can can encroach onto neighbouring properties causing even more issues.

what we do

Environment Controls is a trading name of Japanese Knotweed Ltd. We have been building relationships with customers since 2010 and have over 1,000 independent five star reviews on TrustPilot. Our H&S trained and accredited teams will resolve your invasive plant infestation.

Helping commercial businesses

get rid of invasive plants

Finding an infestation of invasive weeds on land planned for development will be a concern for many construction companies or commercial estates, needing a solution that is not only fast, but cost effective. Local authorities, housing associations and property management companies also have obligations to ensure land is weed free, either for amenity use or common space use.

what we do

We can survey, treat and remove (via excavation) the problem for you. Our field operatives and technicians are fully qualified and highly experienced in a range of excavation methods, several of which may be used to provide the best results for the site.

control Services

Environment Controls can control most invasive weeds in in a number of ways, including chemical, manual, mechanical and biological. Each species has an optimum control method, we can advise which would be best after carrying out a survey, and based on the planned land use.

One of the best ways to control invasive plants is by using a suitable herbicide which can be applied via controlled spraying, leaf wiping and stem injection depending on the plant species and level of growth.

Certain plant species such as Himalayan balsam are successfully controlled by using the hand-pulling method (as seen right). Often infestations can be so severe that equipment either cannot reach the target area, or a manual method is simply the better option for the environment or ecosystem it has taken over.

We also consider biological methods of control by using a natural predator that will literally ingest the plant.

But for complete removal we can use excavation.


Complete removal

Excavation will completely remove the infestation both above ground and below ground elements of the plant. It’s vital to extract all fragments of plant from root to tip as any material left in the soils will allow regrowth.

Removal of noxious plant materials and soils from excavation is required to be carried out by a company holding a specific waste carrier’s license, such as Environment Controls.

All waste needs to be taken to a landfill site licensed to accept noxious material. By doing this we comply to all current government legislation.


Survey & quote

Quick quote

For residential customers who send us images of the target plant we provide a ‘quick quote’ – this is an initial estimate on the cost of Invasive or aquatic weed treatment, based on a rough approximation of the amount of target plants on the property. This can precede a full site survey and full quote.

Full quote

with full site survey

To provide a full quote a site survey (walkover visual inspection) is required to be carried out by one of our invasive or aquatic plant specialists so that you can be provided with a comprehensive survey report and remedial works quotation. The report will detail the site, the target problem(s), with photographs and a survey drawing. It will factor in options for treating the plant or completely get rid of the infestation and may also include any environmental considerations spotted on the survey such as protected species.


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