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Rhododendron ponticum control

Rhododendron ponticum is an established non-native invasive species within the UK that if left uncontrolled creates issues for land and property owners. Environment Controls is the perfect solution for tackling this invasive shrub.


Get rid of Rhododendron p.

If ignored, this invasive shrub will take over vast areas of land and do significant damage to local biodiversity. This is a huge problem for landowners, farmers and private estate managers as it could have an impact on their environmental management. We can get Rhododendron under control or completely get rid of it via excavation.

Ideally treated in winter

Winter is the perfect time to undertake control of Rhododendron infestations. During winter many plants enter a more dormant state when the sugars within the plant are flowing into the root system. Treatment in winter can improve the absorption of herbicides into the root system and help to kill the plant. Also, as other surrounding shrubs loose their leaves it makes access easier for excavation works should that be the chosen method.

The benefits of a survey

Getting the help you need starts with a survey. Book your survey today and our highly qualified and experienced surveyors will be able to provide you with a comprehensive report of the extent of the infestation and offer clear no-obligation advice on the best options available to resolve the issue.

Environment Controls is a trading name of Japanese Knotweed Ltd. We have been building relationships with customers since 2010 and have over 1,000 independent five star reviews on TrustPilot. Our H&S trained and accredited team members will resolve your Rhododendron infestation.

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Rhododendron Control Service

Your complete Rhododendron removal package:

  • Survey of the area to understand the scale of the problem and provide recommendations for treatment.
  • Full management programme to tackle the infestation site.
  • Stem Fill treatment for chemical thinning.
  • Stump painting which involves cutting and painting the stump to kill off growth.
  • Stump plugging which involves cutting the planting, drilling holes into the stump and hammering in plugs that have high concentrations of herbicide to kill the plant.
  • Excavation of the contaminated ground for complete removal.

Rhododendron ponticum is a tough species, but Environment Controls can help you control and eliminate infestations. If you have Rhododendron on your land or property, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Who We Help

Environment Controls has worked with partners of all sizes to control Rhododendron p. infestations including:

  • Local Authorities
  • Landowners
  • Farmers
  • Large Estates
  • Environment Agencies
  • National Trusts
  • Forestry Commissions

If you think that you may have Rhododendron infesting your land, don’t hesitate to get in touch and one of our friendly staff will be more than happy to help!


Why choose us

  • We are a trusted partner with over 1000 independent five-star reviews and our clients range from large estates to local authorities
  • We are industry leading Rhododendron specialists
  • We have extensive in-house expertise
  • Our teams are fully trained and qualified to the highest standards
  • We work nationwide so we can help no matter where you are
Rhododendron ponticum flower head close up


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