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Training, as part of continuous improvement is key for most companies. Our range of modules have been designed to help you and your teams identify the most common invasive species including aquatic and noxious weeds, keep up to speed with the latest legislation and bio-security measures.


Our training can be delivered either online or face to face. On request, we can also supply a post training questionnaire (online) with a digital certificate on successful completion. Here’s what Byrne Looby had to say about their company wide sessions:

“The two training sessions were very useful and interesting. Personally I have learned more in those two sessions than in my entire working life. I believe that a lot of people across Byrne Looby felt the same. A massive thank you to you guys for putting the sessions on.”

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topics covered

Typically most of our training modules cover the following topics:

  • Invasive species including aquatic weeds
  • Identification
  • Implications of an infestation
  • Environmental impact
  • Noxious weeds and advice on safe handling
  • Advice on public and environmental safety


INNS Identification training is an important module to consider. It provides information on different land and aquatic species, identification and habitat, as well as look-alikes that can cause confusion. Ideal for surveyors, solicitors, estate agents, property and facilities managers and businesses who deal with property or land. Learn how to spot the most problematic and prevalent weeds in the UK.

We can create a bespoke module covering just the weeds that you need to know about most.

seasonal identification & toxic weed training modules

Most companies have requirements for species identification, even if they have qualified environmental teams surveying property or land, often seasonal identification can be extremely useful. Our Seasonal Identification and Toxic Weeds modules show what each species looks like through its seasonal lifecycle, and how to identify the UK’s most noxious species.

  • Japanese knotweed
  • Himalayan balsam
  • Common ragwort
  • Giant hogweed
  • Hemlock
  • Hemlock Water Dropwort
  • Biosecurity measures

bespoke training MODULE – created to suit your needs

Most of our training modules are tailored, but if you have something specific you need covered, such as a particular species, or a more detailed topic let us know and we’ll create the training module of your choice. Following an initial discussion to ascertain the level of training required, a full quotation for this service can be provided.

more information and booking

Training is important for you or your teams to continue to learn and develop, keeping skills and knowledge up to date so you are able to practice safely and effectively. We provide 3 delivery options:

  1. Pre-recorded presentation – train when you want to
  2. Live online 40-60 minute session with Q&A and certification
  3. Face to face half or whole day session

If required we can provide after-training test(s) and certificate to attendees who pass. Please use this form to send an enquiry to the team and to receive our pricing list.

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