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Invasive weed removal for the construction sector

Environment Controls understands the complexities and stringent regulations that construction projects face. Our specialist services are designed to address these challenges efficiently, helping you maintain project schedules and adhere to environmental compliance.


effective and efficient treatment and removal 

In the construction industry, dealing with invasive plants and contaminated ground can significantly impact project timelines and budgets. Environment Controls, a trading name of Japanese Knotweed Ltd., specialises in the effective management and removal of invasive species and asbestos-contaminated ground. Our services can be tailored to suit your site’s requirements to ensure it is prepared for development, minimising environmental and regulatory risks.

  • Expert Management of Invasive Plants: We handle a wide range of invasive species, including Horsetail, Giant Hogweed, and Himalayan Balsam, which are common on construction sites and can impede development.
  • Asbestos Contaminated Ground Removal: Our expertise in safely handling and removing non-licensable asbestos contaminated ground ensures that construction sites meet health and safety standards, limiting costly delays and potential legal issues.
  • Constructionline Gold, CHAS and BASIS: These accreditations underscore our commitment to quality and safety, aligning with the construction industry’s high standards.
  • Site Supervision: For sites where you have the teams and the equipment but require the expertise and accreditations to complete excavation compliantly, we can offer a Watching Brief service.

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tailored services that are H&S compliant

Construction projects require careful planning and execution, particularly when invasive species and ground contaminants are involved. Our solutions are designed to streamline the preparation and maintenance of construction sites, ensuring they are free from environmental and regulatory concerns.

How We Help:

  • Rapid Response and Thorough Treatment: Our nationwide coverage and quick deployment capabilities ensure that we can address invasive plant and contamination issues promptly, reducing downtime and keeping your project on schedule.
  • Multi-Contaminant Removal service: By combining invasive species management with contaminated ground removal and other site services, we provide a holistic approach to site preparation, reducing the need for multiple contractors and simplifying project management.
  • Flexible options: We have a variety of excavation methods that can cater for the trickiest of sites that may have underground infrastructure, protected species or public safety issues to consider.
  • Environmental Compliance and Safety: Our accredited services ensure that your construction project complies with all relevant environmental and safety regulations, providing peace of mind and reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties.

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  • We are a trusted partner with over 1,000 five-star reviews on Trustpilot
  • Industry renowned in-house expertise in contaminated ground removal
  • Our teams are fully trained and qualified to the highest standards
  • We work nationwide


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