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Invasive Weed removal for Sports Grounds & Leisure Facilities

We understand the challenges that weed infestation poses to sports and leisure facilities. Our specialist weed control services are designed to keep your grounds in peak condition without disrupting scheduled events or the enjoyment of your facilities.


Efficient Weed Management for Leisure Amenities

For sports grounds, golf courses, and country parks, maintaining immaculate playing surfaces and scenic beauty is key to attracting and retaining patrons. Unsightly weed growth can not only degrade these amenities but also impact on access and profitability. Environment Controls, a trading name of Japanese Knotweed Ltd., provides specialised weed control services tailored to the unique needs of leisure amenities. With our multi-sports pitch contracts and precision scheduling, we ensure your facilities remain pristine and appealing all year round.

  • Tailored Weed Control Services: Our services are specifically designed for the management of weeds in high-visibility and high-traffic areas like sports grounds and leisure parks.
  • Multi-Sports Pitch Contracts: We offer a single contract for all your sports pitches, for a more cost efficient solution.
  • Set Pricing for Multiple Sites: For facilities like football pitches and cricket squares, we offer set pricing when multiple sites are booked for treatment, ensuring cost predictability and management ease.
  • Integrated Weed Management (IWM): Our approach minimises environmental impact, boosts cost-effectiveness and ensures that treatments are carried out with the least disruption, adhering to the schedules of booked matches or events.
  • Bespoke Quadbikes: Tailor made to reduce herbicide usage and increase the area we can cover.
  • Project-Dash: Our bespoke project management system works off apps to provide you with live updates.

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tailored services you can trust

Maintaining the aesthetic and functional quality of leisure amenities is essential not only for player performance but also for visitor satisfaction. Unsightly weeds can turn potential patrons away, affecting your bottom line.

How We Help:

  • Strategic Treatment Scheduling: We schedule treatments at the optimal times of year and consider your event calendar to ensure that maintenance does not interfere with the use of your facilities.
  • Enhanced Playability and Aesthetics: Regular and expert weed control helps maintain the integrity and beauty of playing surfaces, enhancing the overall user experience and potentially increasing facility usage.
  • Long-Term Weed Management: Our ongoing management plans are designed to keep your facilities at their best, with regular assessments and treatments that adapt to your needs.

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